Our social media campaign focused on the natural elements and how we develop our projects to withstand them – be it
boiling water to freezing snow, our works are built to embrace no matter what daily life throws at them. As we go about our daily lives, it is easy to forget how much we demand from our furnishings – enter Elements, by London 101; to showcase our quality assurance promise, our depth of knowledge and consideration that goes into every single one of our projects.


All of the elements fall into various services that London 101 provides, be it landscape design, a loft conversion or a
bathroom renovation; one (or more) of the elements must be considered when working on any of these projects and on any of our services – hence our campaign focusing on this topic!

Quality assurance is a true mark of ours, as we are renowned for making incredible use of spaces and for creating some of the most desirable environments. Within this, it’s crucial to us that our projects sustain the elements you throw at them on a daily basis, so you can get on with your day without worrying about your furnishings.

Different seasons bring varying considerations – with summer demanding focus on cooler outdoor living environments, whilst winter encourages heating inside homes. This need for all elements to be considered is what makes London 101 stand out against our competitors. Our depth of analysis, expertise and understanding of these demands ensures that our projects are completed with only the best materials and planning.

Our robust quality assurance process consists of many factors, and we take these matters extremely seriously.
Without them, we cannot fulfil our mission – to provide the best service, finest build quality and sensational design.
Along with this, our three core principles of Protecting our People, Aligning our Standards and Respecting our Processes furthermore builds on our promise of providing only the best.

To see our Elements campaign, visit our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Alternatively, learn more about our quality assurance promise on our website, or get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can make your desired home a reality.
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Email: info@london101.co.uk

As a luxury property developer, we get asked a whole plethora of questions when it comes to working with us. However, there are some that get asked more than others, particularly at the start of any project.

We understand that you may have a million questions, and we encourage you to ask away, as it allows for clarity and can help us complete our work together in a more efficient and effective manner.


The answer to this is widely varied and dependent on an abundance of variables, it’s almost impossible to give an accurate, straightforward answer. 

Inside this simple question, follows an almost endless list of variables that vary project timeframes, such as –

  • What works are you having done?
  • What is the size of the project?
  • What are the possible obstacles we may encounter?
  • What materials are being used and are they readily available?

Once we have provided pricing quotations, the contract of terms and pre-construction design works have been agreed, the work and payment schedule is introduced which outlines everything you need to know regarding timings.

We do, however, promise you that it’ll be worth the wait.


Similar to the above, there is no textbook response to this question due to the long list of variables.

Costings of projects can depend on many factors, such as –

  • What materials are being used?
  • Where are the materials being imported from?
  • How big is the project?
  • How many individuals are involved in the project?

When it comes to pricing projects, we consider all of the above variables, along with what your budget is. First we gain an estimate of costs from preliminary plans, which leads to a quotation of costs from building regulations and structural plans. From these, we can begin the exciting process of getting started!


Once the relevant paperwork has been signed following pricing quotations, and we’re all ready and raring to go, the next important question is when can we start?

Once we have received pre-construction drawings via our architect, structural engineer or principal designer (depending on the type of project), we can then implement these designs into a factual quotation, which then is to be contractually signed for.

The sub-contractor contracts then follow. The staged payments with construction phase then comes into play. Building control and sign-off then occurs, which is followed by the fun part – project management!

Every client journey is different, depending on the scope of the project and the many variables involved; however every project follows the same rough guidance.


Depending on the works that are being carried out, varying planning requirements are needed.

General Planning Permissions are needed for projects such as:

  • Developments
  • Commercial
  • New builds
  • Large home alterations (eg. double storey extensions, large rear extensions and roof raises)

Lawful Development Certificates, which is an ‘Outline Planning Permission’ are required for:

  • Small rear extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • Garage conversions
  • Garden rooms

It is important to note that building regulations from your architect and structural engineer are needed for both of the above-mentioned schemes, to obtain building control sign-off.

All of the above are a very small handful of the questions we get asked, and we are more than happy to answer any and all the questions you may have. We understand that taking on work as this can be a stressful time, and here at London 101 we do all we can to help alleviate any worries you may have.

Whether you’re after a beautiful double-story extension, new creative office space or a completely bespoke development, get in touch with us to discuss your options

Well, it’s hard to believe it’s February already, and like most of us, I’m still writing 2021 instead of 2022 (where did that year go…!).  In fact, I’m quickly reminded of when we first began working on our new brand refresh – back in the summer of 2020. 


Now whilst this feels like yesterday, wow a lot has happened since then. 


Like most businesses, Covid 19 had a huge influence on our work schedule, and managing existing client projects took precedent.  Ironically, the pandemic actually gave us time to consider our onward business strategy and the future vision for London101. 


In order to achieve our growth ambitions, we engaged the services of a brand management agency called Brand Elect (BE.).  Ironically, BE. worked with one of our clients, and like most of us, referrals are always well-received.  In this instance, it was definitely the right decision.  To begin, the BE. team conducted a Brand Mapping session with us, which allowed us the opportunity to map all of the ideas and objectives for our business.  This is where the London101 brand realignment began. 


I must admit, I found the whole experience really cathartic, and it didn’t take long for me to understand that this wasn’t just a logo change and a new splash of colour.  In fact, they never touched my logo (this I was happy with, and so were they…!).  The brand realignment was more about our whole proposition, and together we began to create our new brand story.  Probably the most crucial addition to our proposition was the forming of our new sub-brands (HOME – COMMERCIAL – DEVELOPMEMTS).  Whilst we had undertaken projects in all these sectors, we recognised the opportunity to create these as new specially designated business operations.


The BE. team also helped us develop our company philosophy and what would become our signature methodology – APERTURE.  Given the prestigious clientele we work with, quality workmanship and luxury finishing is our marque of excellence.  Therefore, APERTURE not only represents the way we conduct ourselves through our company values, but it’s also reinforces our customer promise of looking at the bigger picture and observing the very finest detail in our work.  I found this part of our brand realignment very interesting, and It really helped me to understand the importance of ‘positioning’. 


You see, over the years, London101 has always symbolised quality and high-end craftsmanship.  We have been fortunate enough to work with amazing partners on some of the most breath-taking projects around the UK, and we felt our new brand offering needed to represent us in the correct light. 


Naturally, our desire to realign our brand was directly influenced by our marketing and sales objectives.  This included the complete redevelopment of our website (more to come on this very soon…!).  Our new website and brand launch will quickly be supported by an ongoing marketing strategy (which is being conducted by BE’s sister agency Marketing Elect (ME.) – again, watch this space.


So, as we fast-forward to now, I acknowledge just how far we have come.  We are so excited about what the future holds for our business, and I’m left with an ironic thought – “in a business where most of our clients enjoy make-overs and home refreshments, we now celebrate our very own new beginnings”.


Ben Weller

Founder – London101

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website! Our new website provides a luxurious, modern design that makes it easy for you to find the information you need. We’ve also updated our content and imagery to make it more relevant and inspiring. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make decisions about your home. Plus, our new site is mobile-friendly, which means it will look great no matter what device you are using. We hope you enjoy using our new website!

What We have changed:

After our branding session, we decided to create three sub-brands within our business to ensure clarity on all the services we provide. London 101 Home- for domestic and residential property owners who wish to enhance, build, or have a new design within their home whilst ensuring optimum professionalism and quality. London 101 Commercial- for companies looking to bring style and luxury into commercial buildings such as bars, offices, and commercial units. London 101 Developments- Offers a complete and luxury service for landowners seeking expert build partners in development and design.

We have moved the website over to a different framework that is quicker, and more compatible with other software so we can continue to stay on top of digital trends.

After having the brand realigned and redesigned, we improved the colour palettes to reflect the luxury nature of our brand. In addition, we had multiple photography and video days to be able to showcase our work and inspire your next home venture.

Furthermore, we have implemented SEO into our website to enhance our digital footprint even further.

We’re proud to share our new website with you. Our website now reflects our luxury brand and provides a more user-friendly experience for those looking to find out more about what we do. Hopefully it will inspire your next home improvement. We want to thank MARKETING ELECT who helped make the website launch and brand realignment possible. We hope you enjoy browsing through the site, and if you’re interested in any of our services, please get in touch with us!