Our Mission

London 101 is a new breed of property company for distinguished customers and businesses looking for design-led property innovation. 

At London 101, we believe that a true marque of excellence is the result of the very best quality materials and a genuine eye for style and flair. We are renowned for making incredible use of spaces, and for creating some of the most desirable environments for homeowners and businesses both internationally and throughout the UK. 

For us, it’s not just the land we buy, the properties we build, or the style we create for homes and commercial entities, it’s the feeling that we provide our clients through our multi-skilled personnel, our premium product offering, and our exclusive aftercare service. 

Presenting London 101

L u x u r y  | B u i l d 


Our Company is a Fusion of:


property development specialists


architectural designers

We pride ourselves on the wealth of knowledge we have in land acquisition, construction, structural engineering, and design, and this is demonstrated through the unparalleled attention to detail we provide our clients on every project. 

Our Aperture

Aperture has been developed to align the processes of our work with the values of our culture, which also manifests as a visual ident for our business. The overall narrative of Aperture is our ability to see the bigger picture and the finer detail. We recognise that knowing the full extent of any given project is one thing, but having the ability to focus on specific elements is the crucial ingredient.

This is especially important when working on complex build projects, but this way of working is equally as important when looking at the precision of the fixtures and fittings we use. This narrative is symbolised in the same way that photographs are taken – we see the wider subject matter yet use the viewfinder to frame the detail. 

The number 101 itself has many connotations, but it’s often seen as the beginning of something. Therefore, visually we place 101 in the centre of our view finder in all imagery and marketing communications, thus representing that everything we do has a new start.

Champagne Tones 2

Our Methodology

In order to demonstrate the Aperture narrative through our organisation we have developed a simple ‘culture model’ that our business and our people adhere to. It combines the way we work with the way we think through 8 core values:










To understand our customers we must be good listeners and serving


To build relationships we must connect with clients and partners 


To connect with the right client we must empower motivation together


To promote our agility and devotion we must communicate regularly


To deliver evolution we must inspire sensory change 


To express our brilliance, we must let our work do the talking


To establish trust we must always be honest and true to our word


To create true distinction we must deliver uniqueness for our clients

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Luxury Never Looked And Felt So Good

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Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

“We treat every project as if we were the client, that way, if we cannot provide the best service, the
finest build quality or the most sensational designs, we compromise our beliefs and our reputation.”

Ben Weller – Founder and CEO

Our ‘Marque of Excellence’ mantra is simple – substance and style in equal measure. For us, it is possible to have both qualities, indeed this is everything we stand for. Whether we are building ambient living spaces, transforming working environments, or developing a housing scheme, it’s imperative that the quality of our workmanship is matched by the quality of the finished product. The constant use of quality materials and a genuine expertise for visualising design-cues and ergonomic lines, enables us to express real creative distinction for our clients. For us, there’s real strength and purity in the understated. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and we have developed a real talent for working closely with clients to make their ideas and dreams come to fruition.

Our Marque of Excellence not only reflects our philosophy, it’s the very promise of our intent. Imagine anything, receive everything.

Talk To Us About Your Next Build Project, And We Will Make Your Vision Come True

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Ben Weller- Founder and CEO