Our social media campaign focused on the natural elements and how we develop our projects to withstand them – be it
boiling water to freezing snow, our works are built to embrace no matter what daily life throws at them. As we go about our daily lives, it is easy to forget how much we demand from our furnishings – enter Elements, by London 101; to showcase our quality assurance promise, our depth of knowledge and consideration that goes into every single one of our projects.


All of the elements fall into various services that London 101 provides, be it landscape design, a loft conversion or a
bathroom renovation; one (or more) of the elements must be considered when working on any of these projects and on any of our services – hence our campaign focusing on this topic!

Quality assurance is a true mark of ours, as we are renowned for making incredible use of spaces and for creating some of the most desirable environments. Within this, it’s crucial to us that our projects sustain the elements you throw at them on a daily basis, so you can get on with your day without worrying about your furnishings.

Different seasons bring varying considerations – with summer demanding focus on cooler outdoor living environments, whilst winter encourages heating inside homes. This need for all elements to be considered is what makes London 101 stand out against our competitors. Our depth of analysis, expertise and understanding of these demands ensures that our projects are completed with only the best materials and planning.

Our robust quality assurance process consists of many factors, and we take these matters extremely seriously.
Without them, we cannot fulfil our mission – to provide the best service, finest build quality and sensational design.
Along with this, our three core principles of Protecting our People, Aligning our Standards and Respecting our Processes furthermore builds on our promise of providing only the best.

To see our Elements campaign, visit our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Alternatively, learn more about our quality assurance promise on our website, or get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can make your desired home a reality.
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