Well, it’s hard to believe it’s February already, and like most of us, I’m still writing 2021 instead of 2022 (where did that year go…!).  In fact, I’m quickly reminded of when we first began working on our new brand refresh – back in the summer of 2020. 


Now whilst this feels like yesterday, wow a lot has happened since then. 


Like most businesses, Covid 19 had a huge influence on our work schedule, and managing existing client projects took precedent.  Ironically, the pandemic actually gave us time to consider our onward business strategy and the future vision for London101. 


In order to achieve our growth ambitions, we engaged the services of a brand management agency called Brand Elect (BE.).  Ironically, BE. worked with one of our clients, and like most of us, referrals are always well-received.  In this instance, it was definitely the right decision.  To begin, the BE. team conducted a Brand Mapping session with us, which allowed us the opportunity to map all of the ideas and objectives for our business.  This is where the London101 brand realignment began. 


I must admit, I found the whole experience really cathartic, and it didn’t take long for me to understand that this wasn’t just a logo change and a new splash of colour.  In fact, they never touched my logo (this I was happy with, and so were they…!).  The brand realignment was more about our whole proposition, and together we began to create our new brand story.  Probably the most crucial addition to our proposition was the forming of our new sub-brands (HOME – COMMERCIAL – DEVELOPMEMTS).  Whilst we had undertaken projects in all these sectors, we recognised the opportunity to create these as new specially designated business operations.


The BE. team also helped us develop our company philosophy and what would become our signature methodology – APERTURE.  Given the prestigious clientele we work with, quality workmanship and luxury finishing is our marque of excellence.  Therefore, APERTURE not only represents the way we conduct ourselves through our company values, but it’s also reinforces our customer promise of looking at the bigger picture and observing the very finest detail in our work.  I found this part of our brand realignment very interesting, and It really helped me to understand the importance of ‘positioning’. 


You see, over the years, London101 has always symbolised quality and high-end craftsmanship.  We have been fortunate enough to work with amazing partners on some of the most breath-taking projects around the UK, and we felt our new brand offering needed to represent us in the correct light. 


Naturally, our desire to realign our brand was directly influenced by our marketing and sales objectives.  This included the complete redevelopment of our website (more to come on this very soon…!).  Our new website and brand launch will quickly be supported by an ongoing marketing strategy (which is being conducted by BE’s sister agency Marketing Elect (ME.) – again, watch this space.


So, as we fast-forward to now, I acknowledge just how far we have come.  We are so excited about what the future holds for our business, and I’m left with an ironic thought – “in a business where most of our clients enjoy make-overs and home refreshments, we now celebrate our very own new beginnings”.


Ben Weller

Founder – London101